Android in the News - Week in Review 2-20-15


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Dec 30, 2010
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It's time for another episode of Android in the News - Week in Review. Our February 20th episode features several new topics and several of them center on Android wearable devices. We also have a returning favorite, Google's Project Ara, and a discussion about the hot new HTC One M9. Be sure to check out each of these threads below to share your ideas after checking out our weekly news brief video above!

Here are those threads:
It was an interesting week, and we appreciate the great feedback we have been receiving regarding our weekly video series. We are having so much fun doing them, we will keep it going as long as you folks enjoy it! See you next week!
Great job as always. And the little comment funny pics are really a great complement to the whole thing. I also liked the little caption digs back and forth... Just adds to the fun.

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