Android in the News - Week in Review 5-7-15

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It's time for another episode of Android in the News! This week's show discusses some hot new tech and some controversial topics, from Microsoft insults, to the upcoming Moto X 2015 Edition. Help support us and spend just over 7 minutes of your day recapping the top new stories of the week with us. Here are the topic threads for you to check out if you haven't already:
Thanks for watching our weekly news brief series, and thanks for sharing your comments in the news stories every day. It's thanks to your great comments that we have so much to discuss in our videos! See you in the forums!
Nicely done again gentlemen. I always find it interesting which stories you guys choose to feature. Can you share any insight into the process?
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We have a custom plug-in on the front page that lets us know what the top stories of the week are. It gives us a good idea of what we will feature. Occasionally a hot thread may not fit into the program. For example; the story about T-MOBILE'S SONY XPERIA Z3 CAN NOW BE ROOTED!. That thread was on fire but what could we really say beyond "Oh hey the Z3 is rooted....very cool. What say you CK?" "Yeah man very cool...ok moving on"
Do a behind the scenes episode.

Have a camera crew following CK and DG around as they prepare for the script.
Another thing.. Idk if the HTC has a removable battery. But remember the original razr maxx?? How hot the s4 processor got?? I still have those phones, I stuck em in my device drawer.. .. And they all suffer from battery swell, to some degree... From that heat... I wanted to point that out.. So. Hot processor and non removable battery.. =BAD JUJU
Oops.. Meant to put this in the h9 thread...

Great episode guys!!
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