Android 5.0 'Flaw' Has New Users Baffled

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Yeah sounds to me like they got it back words and don't want to fess up to the mistake. I could see that 'feature' on the Tablet but the phone? Come on Google we be not that dumb
Hey look we put a phone dialer on your tablet and took it off your phone. It's a feature. Just go into your contacts on your Nexus if you want to make a call
I just turn mine off if I'm not around it for a while. Then I know to turn it on and it doesn't seem to take that long to restart and I turn it off at night also and charge it.
Google actually meant to do this. Here's a little explanation:

So, it used to be that when you held down the volume rocker on your Android device, the volume would drop, then go to vibrate only, and finally to silent. With Android 5.0, that is no longer the case; but, that doesn't mean that Silent Mode has disappeared. As you will notice when you start lowering the volume on your device, there are new options on that volume settings pop-up for Priority and None. Frankly, this new way seems a bit better, because rather than having to go through lowering your phone volume, then hitting vibrate, then getting to Silent mode; now, you just tap once on Priority Mode, and you're good to go. The way it works now is that Priority is the new Silent Mode, and None is an absolute silence.
But will this absolute silence prevent the screen from turning on when you get a phone call? I have my phone on silent on a tripod on my desk while at work, but I still want to see the screen come on when I get a phone call.

I remember this issue when I had my Nexus 5 on the developer preview, I was hoping they would fix it for the final build.