Android 3.2 Honeycomb With Android Market on Your ASUS Eee PC or Laptop

id like to see some way to put the image on a usb and either be able to run it inside windows or maybe boot from it ?

I just installed Xubuntu on my 7 year old 12 inch laptop, and it's running great so far. I wish I would have seen this post before, and I would have tinkered with Honeycomb.
Guys, it's a LIVE INSTALL -- just use this link: Run Android on Your Netbook or Desktop - How-To Geek and make sure to grab the iso version of Android you want to try (from here: Downloads - android-x86 - An open source project to provide android support on x86 - Google Project Hosting), and UNetbootin will make a live (bootable) copy on a flash drive! No long-term commitment! :)


PS I'm NOT that guy Matthew on the howtogeek site -- just a coincidence!
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Could you make a video of ot by chance? I'm not the best with programs

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Could you make a video of ot by chance? I'm not the best with programs

Sent from my rooted, overclocked, DROID2.. like a boss
Not anytime soon, sorry.

HEY, wait...your sig says "rooted, overclocked"!!! That's a thousand times more advanced than downloading an ISO and UNetbootin, running UINetbootin, navigating to your ISO and pressing "Copy". ;) Come on, it's a piece of cake. Check out the how-to I linked to, it's got screenshots for the whole process.

Only after I researched it for days on end xD ill try thou

Sent from my rooted, overclocked, DROID2.. like a boss
No worries -- once you see the steps, it'll take 10 minutes. :) Trust me, the sight of seeing Android boot on your PC for the first time is pretty cool.

OK, for fun I decided to see if I could get HC to run on my Asus UL30A (13" notebook). Took 5 minutes to download the iso -- I already had UNetbootin -- took 1 minute to burn, turned off the notebook, rebooted, and voila. Man the thing SCREAMS. Turned wifi on, found the router, bam. Maybe I'll play with the LCD density and see if I can rescale the display...

It's actually pretty cool. I wonder what apps work, besides the browser obviously?

There's already a USB stick that can do that. I think I saw a news post on here about it.

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Yeah, The Cotton Candy. Except I would have to PAY for that, and it has its own dedicated hardware. All it utilizes is your screen and keyboard, not the hardware. This actually uses the PC hardware. I would love to run this on my Toshiba satellite. Nice little laptop without a cd-rom. Yeah, that makes the whole thing with an ISO image one step more complicated, make it boot from USB.

The answer is 42.
Oh, wait, you mean to tell me you need to know the question now?
Well, I can't answer that.
Well it runs great in virtualbox on my Toshiba satalite but i cant seem to get a net connection through virtualbox....(I set it up through
Adapter 1:
PCnet-FAST III (NAT) with no dice.)
Nor can i find a way to get load an sdcard. Im trying to just get an app on it but im being cutoff every way. I even tried to go into the iso and put my app in their but i cant seem to find a way in the .sfs file. their is only one program i can find that runs on windows and unfortunetly it falls under my rull of not filling out a bunch of crap to download rule. So no net, no way to access external data...meh its not good in virtual box. If you guys figure this out im all ears (or eyes).