Android 2.2 - What is new and how to make it work.


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Jan 23, 2010
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This thread is for those who have gotten 2.2 and wonder: ok, what is different or how do I make those features work.

Hopefully it will come in just as handy for those who wait for the OTA as it may for those jumping on it now.

I recall seeing that one feature was the ability to stream or access your music files from your computer onto your phone, either wirelessly in your home or from halfway across the country. From all I can see out on the web this feature appears to have not made it into 2.2. Google's acquisition of Simplify Media was supposed lend an assist in getting this into play. If there is a thread with a solution for this, post and let us know.

This morning, while in the Gallery, where I have multiple folders of images I realized I could "play" with one of the stacks. You can grab a folder and stretch-n-zoom with 2 fingers to move the stack around. Hold it steady and the pics will slide from one stack to the other, giving you a nice little preview of what's in that folder. The gallery also has a "show on map" feature so if you geo-tagged the photo (another setting in the camera) then you can see where you took the picture at. You need to be on a picture and use the menu to drill down into "more".

JIT? I recall hearing stories of the phone being multiples of times faster. I don't see that on the stock rooted Froyo nor on SS 4.1 that I am currently on. I don't feel like my phone is running 3-5 times faster but I'm also not using it to compile programs, do CAD design, etc.

The market concerned me at first. It was very sluggish, but is fine now.
I do have apps set to auto-download their updates now and have used the "update all" button when I was told of multiple updates being available.

Voice activated dialing over Bluetooth. I don't use it, but have heard from others that it works.

Running apps on the card instead of the phone: I haven't tried it. Some say it is buggy. Others say it is fine. I've got room so I'll wait.

Stock Camcorder: built in touchscreen controls for flash and other functions. They made it easier so you don't have to fire up your favorite flashlight app to take nighttime videos. Regular camera also has on screen controls for flash, white balance, zoom, etc

That thing where you download an app from your computer's browser and then check your phone later and its on your phone. I have no clue how to do this, or if it even made it into the release.

ChromeToPhone is something I just installed that wasn't possible on 2.1 thaqt I found in the following thread while poking around the forum to see if a similar thread as this existed. Basically any page you are browsing on, with your computer, you can push to your phone and the page shows up there. Works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and possibly other browsers.

Anyone notice any other new features not mentioned I may have missed?

Here is a link to a thread with similar info

I'll add that for rooted folks busybox is searchable and downloadable in the market as a free app that installs it for you.
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thanks to adobe flash I can watch movies on amazo