Amazon Go Is The Grocery Store Of The Future!


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Oct 6, 2011
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In super cool news today Amazon just launched their "No Lines, No Checkout" brick and mortar store called Amazon Go! This is essentially the Grocery Store of the future. At roughly 1,800sq ft the store is large enough to house most of the essentials and small enough for those of us who are constantly on the move and busy to get in and get out quickly. The store allows you to check in on your app as you enter then just grab what you need off the shelves turn around and walk out. All purchases are added to your account auto magically using some of the same technologies that exist in self driving cars today. There is currently one store in existence, but I could see this quickly becoming a trend. It seems to be a better solution than Amazon requiring you to buy many things at once like they do with their current "Prime Pantry" Program. I can also foresee Amazon developing a system to retrofit existing grocery stores.
I could see all items having rf tags on them and soon as you walk out gets billed to your account.
Would hate to see it when they call for snow the way people rush to the store cool idea hope they put them in my area

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Great. Just what we need more socially inept people.