Amazon Echo Gets another Update; Sports Scores and Star Trek Trivia


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Dec 30, 2010
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What do Sports Scores and Star Trek have in common? Not much usually, but today they are both showing up on updates to the Amazon Echo device. Currently, the Amazon Echo supports sports info regarding the NBA and NHL, but Amazon plans to add support for the NFL, MLB, MLS, NCAA basketball soon as well.

To get an Amazon echo taste of Star Trek, just tell Alexa to "live long and prosper" and get a poignant response. Kudos to the folks at Amazon for continuing to keep Alexa updated!

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Apr 1, 2011
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To add to this update, Amazon releases another along the same lines. I've been very impressed with both the quality & frequency in which Amazon pushes out updates for this device. Every 2-3 weeks Amazon comes out with something new to improve this device.

Amazon Echo
Listen to live events and concerts with TuneIn on Echo. Just ask, "Alexa, play [station name] on TuneIn."

Catch live coverage of the 2015 Open Championship from St. Andrews on ESPN Radio Special Coverage 1.
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Echo now supports the WNBA in addition to the MLB, MLS, NHL, NFL, NCAA, and NBA. To hear scores or find out when your favorite team plays next, just ask:

"Alexa, who won the Seattle Storm game?"
"Alexa, who is winning the Chicago Cubs game?"
"Alexa, when do the LA Galaxy play next?"
Last week, we introduced support for additional voice-controlled lights and switches. Thanks to Echo owner @ RyanPratt on Twitter for showing how he now controls his lights with just his voice.
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