Amazon Echo's April Update Brings Pandora Support, Major League Baseball & Major League Soccer!


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

It looks like Amazon is taking a cue from Microsoft when it comes to updates on their latest gadget. Microsoft has developed quite a solid reputation for consistent and invaluable updates to their Xbox One gaming console. Every month they come out with an update that adds new features and functions. Amazon is basically following this same formula with their Amazon Echo device.

In March they launched two updates, and now that April is only 2 days in, they have released another. This latest update adds several things to be excited about for the connected super-speaker. First up we now have support for Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer scores and schedules. Sports fans can rejoice!

On top of these improvements, the biggest add-on with this update is full Pandora support! Fantastic!

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