Am rooted, but cannot mount system folder with command in terminal emulator


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Nov 5, 2010
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Droid running Froyo 2.2 with the Verizon 2.3.20 system update installed.

I wanted to uninstall some of the bloatware Verizon so thoughtfully included on my Droid without giving me an option to uninstall.

I successfully rooted my Droid using Doroot and tested my success using Wireless Tether, which did give me the Super User prompt.

I installed Android Terminal Emulator and typed su mount- o remount,rw /system at the prompt, but it still denied me permission.

Why am I being denied permission if I am indeed rooted?

You have to type "su" and then hit enter first

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I'm not possitive but I think the command line is longer than that, I just don't remember offhand what it was.

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Thank you. That is some progress. I got the super user permission box.

Now the problem is I typed in
mount- o remount,rw /system
and it says,
mount-: not found
Thanks again.

the dash is supposed to be in front of the o, not attached to the end of mount. That command string is pretty much saying "mount /system with the options remount and read/write", hence the -o is a flag that denotes you want to use options.