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Feb 3, 2011
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Iv tried both of these launchers, I will buy the full version in the end, Wich ones do you perfer and why. Im looking for speed but frills to customization. I read something about needing an add on for ADW EX for notifications is that true? Also which as more themes?

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Ex is most likely better of course. I use launcher pro and i love it

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I have both and prefer lancher pro by far. Both are extremely stable, I just prefer the customization of launcher pro. However, there are many more themes for adw. I do believe that launcher pro is better for speed, and seems to have more developer support.

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I suffer from a dilemma of which launcher application I want to use. I have bought paid versions of adwex launcher pro plus mobile shell 3d and others I can't even remember.

Adwex is by far the smoothest less buggy. Has lots of themes. But no widgets.

Launcher pro plus is smooth too and has themes for widgets. It also just got updated with the ability to use icon packs. This means that you can use adw themes as icon packs to skin you icons now. Big improvement and people are already developing total theme packages. Imo will be used way more by more people until adw starts themes g widgets.

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I have paid versions of adw, lp, and spb shell also. I must say that, if spb worked with my d1, that would be my everyday launcher period! I love the look and functionality of it. It just doesn't work well with my d1 so, when I upgrade my phone spb will be my launcher of choice. Until then, its trusty ol launcher pro plus!

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That's a good point about launcher pro. Themes from adw and go can be used with it.

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