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Jun 27, 2011
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So I found a barely used Droid Charge on craigslist. Guy is selling it for $250 cause he got one from his job for free. Well the idea that I had was I know VZW is charging $299 and right now I am ready for an upgrade. I have the env touch so no unlimited plan. I thought to buy this for that price, change my plan, so I can have unlimited data and keep my upgrade. The idea behind this is I really wanna hold out for the Bionic or the Galaxy S2. The trade in value for the charge right now is like $220 bucks so I figured could be worth a shot. What do you guys think?
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Just make sure its legit, and go for it. Sounds like like a heck of a deal.
Something about "getting it from his job for free" sounds fishy. What kind of company would give their employee a $299 phone and let him keep it free and clear?

I would make sure you ask A LOT of questions and make sure it is truly legit before moving forward. I would even ask to call his company and make sure its actually his - if he says no, that would be a deal-breaker for me. However, if it is legit, it sounds like a great deal.

Good luck