Add Wireless Charging To Any Phone.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Samsung has really led the pack when it comes to wireless charging technology. Wireless charging is one of those features that you will never miss until you have used it. I have used Galaxy phones since the Galaxy S3. I have owned all the Galaxy devices featuring wireless charging, but never really understood the draw until I tried it for myself. It is just super convenient to be able to lay your phone on a surface and have it instantly start charging without having to mess with a cord. It also just helps to keep your usb port in good shape.

Now you can add wireless charging to any device. Maxfield has developed several wireless charging receivers which make this work on any phone. They have internal receivers for phones with removable backs. The receivers connect to an internal port and sit just under the battery cover. They have cases that include the receiver. The cases have a plug which plugs into your port and of course the receiver is embedded into the case. The third option is an external receiver which plugs into your charge port and sticks to your phone's back, of course you could just slip your case over the top of this and now you have a wirelessly charging phone!

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