Acer Planning to Bring More Affordable Android Tablets to the Retail Arena


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

According to sources a Senior Acer Executive said that Acer plans to follow-up their inexpensive Iconia B1 7-inch Android tablet with even more affordably priced options. There are no real details available at this time other than size and potential pricing. Here's what the intel suggests,
  • 8-inch variant of the Iconia B1 = $203 USD
  • 10-inch variants of the Incona B1 = $237 USD
If these prices are accurate, they would be very competitive, especially in the 10-inch series. Of course, they have to save money somewhere to get those insanely cheap prices, and it looks like the plan is to offer the same 1.2GHz Mediatek dual-core processor currently in the 7-inch model.

Do you think these ultra-cheap prices would entice you to try one of Acer's offerings over the bigger name brands in the Android world?

Source: AndroidAuthority