Accidentally(Stupidly) uninstalled 2 listed programs, now can't share pics from txts


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Apr 21, 2010
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Hey all, first post, and first Droid problem. I love this phone!

Today I went to uninstall an app that I decided I didn't want, and then scanned the list to see if there was any 'junk' I didn't think I needed. Well I somehow stupidly decided to remove two programs that were very small and called android xyz - I can't exactly remember what they were called, but one said android gallery or something of the sort, and not sure on the other. All I know is that when I get a picture in a text message and open the picture, the two choices at the bottom that say Slideshow or Menu are gone and can't be brought up by touching or any other method. Can anyone please tell me what I deleted and how to get them back?? Thanks!!
Just an update, after doing some digging I realize that one of the apps I deleted is called I guess this and the one other app were installed as part of the 2.1 upgrade. How can I get this back? Is it possible to download and do the 2.1 upgrade again? Thanks, stressing out about this!
Another update...I have been pulling my hair out for hours trying to figure this crap out. I found a thread that had a manual upgrade to 2.1. I copied it to my sd and followed the instructions, ran the file, and it did not reinstall this portion of the gallery app. If anyone has this file on their phone and can tell me how/where to reinsert it on my device that would be great, or if I have to go back to 2.0.1 and then to 2.1 to get it back to perfect? Thanks
howdy:D :welcome: to the forum! you picked the wrong time of night to get instant help but i'm sure someone will be along shortly. just hang'll be ok :)
you can follow the steps in #1 of my sig to get you to stock 2.1

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Jstafford, thank you, thank you! I flashed the phone back to the 2.0.1 rom, and then got the ota update back to 2.1, and everything is gravy now! The two applications are back in my manage applications area. One is called, and the other is .

My only question now is - I had it checked before 'back up my settings' . Is there a quick way to import my old settings back or how does that work? i guess I can manually tweak it all if I have to. Thanks again!!
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I should note, I tried flashing with the 2.0.1 rom via rsdlite twice. The first time it got to 99% and said fail, and the phone would only go to bootloader mode, and it said code corrupt. I began to worry a bit, and tried the process over again. This time it went to 99% and the rsd still said fail, however the phone said software flash OK or successful - something to that effect, and rebooted like it was a new phone. Everything had worked well since then - did not have to activate or do anything, it just worked - and it only took like 2 mins before I was notified for the 2.1 update. Good stuff.
yeah rsdlite is like that. sometimes it takes a couple tries.

as for your settings, anything saved should return when you log back into google. This isnt 100% so might just have to go back and redo everything.

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