About To ROOT!!! HELP!!!


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May 13, 2012
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Hey Guys I'm about to to ahead and root my Droid Razr tonight. I have done it before on a HTC EVO a long time ago. I was wondering what thread you have used to follow and the best methods.



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Jun 12, 2012
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Here are some clear instructions thanks to tismydroid for pointing me to them.

1). For anyone new to rooting, the first thing I would suggest is read, read, read (as Lunatic mentioned). Completely understand what you are doing before you do it.

2). Backup the information: call logs, bookmarks, data, apps, pics, etc that you want to make sure you retain: Here are my suggestions I posted before but it is not the only way to accomplish this task.
*I use MyBackup and SMS Backup & Restore.
*I backup pretty much everything except texts with MyBackup(use the SMS B&R for that) and photos, media & music because I keep those on my ext-sd card.
*I also go into individual apps and use their backup if they have one. I actually keep a list of all my apps where it has this feature.
*I backup my texts using SMS Backup & Restore (it gives you many more options for backing up your texts than MyBackup does).
*After I do the fdr, I first go into play store and make sure it is not automatically installing all my apps and stop if it is... cuz I want to do those one at a time. Usually I discover there are apps I do not use or want anymore this way.
*Then I go into SMS B& R and restore my texts.
*Then I install my apps, one at a time and open the ones I use most or that have their own backup & restore feature... I check to see if they are still the way I had them. Some are, some aren't. Then I go to the app's setting and restore for the ones that have that feature.
*I make sure my emails are set up. I use Enhanced Email, so all I have to do is restore them. Not sure what other email programs have this feature.
*Then as I use my phone and use my various apps, I either reset them up fresh or I will use MyBackup to restore their previous settings.
*I probably missed a few steps that I typically do because it is fairly automatic for me but that is close.

3). It is best to do a Factory Data Reset. You ensure a fresh clean device by doing this and limit the risk of any conflicts between old stuff and new stuff. I recommend doing it from the recovery menu but it can also be done through settings --> privacy.

4). When you are ready, have read everything you can possibly read and understand the risks, then you can root your phone. Thanks to Matt L Groff's and MattyP's help and instructions, these are the steps I followed to root my RAZR Stock ICS .215:.

[*]On your pc, download Matt L Groff's Droid Razr Utility. It can be found at:
[*]http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-razr-hacks/216562-droid-razr-utility-1-8-a.html or
[*]Once downloaded, you will need to extract it to a folder on your PC.
[*]Open the folder you extracted this file to. Install the latest Motorola drivers to your pc.
[*]Make sure your phone is at least 80% battery before you begin.
[*]Check to make sure your phone is in USB debugging mode (system settings --->Developer options---> USB debugging checked)
[*]Plug your phone into your computer usb using the usb cable that came with the phone.
[*]From your phone's status bar drop down, open the notification with the usb symbol and choose to connect as a media device (NOT as Mass Storage).
[*]On your pc, in the folder you extracted the file to; find the "DroidRazrUtility.bat"file. Run that and choose option #2.Your phone will reboot itself twice during this process. When this is complete, follow the instructions in this utility window to get back to the Utility's main menu.
[*]From this utility, install bootstrap or safestrap BUT DO NOT INSTALL BOTH. Your phone will not reboot for that.
[*]Go back to the Utility's main menu and Install Voodoo Root Keeper. No reboots for that either.
[*]On your phone, open Voodoo Root Keeper. Check to make sure you are rooted (first four boxes are checked then press "Protect Root"). When all the boxes are checked in Voodoo Root Keeper you are officially rooted!

5). Once rooted, do not do anything to your phone's internal system unless and until you know exactly what you are doing. Feel free to use your phone as you normally would. Be aware that now that you are rooted, you have access to the root directory of your phone... the directory that has the necessary files that make your phone operate properly. Changing these files, can make your phone so it is no longer a phone (hence a "brick").