About to pull the trigger on a Nexus. A few quick questions...


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Jan 20, 2010
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Hey all. I have been looking at the razr maxx and the nexus. I am leaning more toward the nexus because it just feels so much better in hand. I started with the og droid and now have a droid 3. A few quick questions. I noticed the razr maxx has bluetooth 4.0 and the galaxy nexus has 3.0. Is there a big difference between the two? I only use bluetooth for hands free with my factory stereo in my dodge ram. Also the next question. Does the nexus have an alarm clock dock mode? I use my phone for my daily alarm clock and both the droid 1 and my current droid 3 had great alarm clock dock modes that also displayed the weather. I know the razr maxx will last a lot longer with battery life but that is not a concern of mine since I will purchasing the nexus through costco. They have a deal where you get a free extended battery, so by having two battery's I would just swap out if one of them dies. Between the two that equals more battery life then the maxx anyway.


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I can't comment on Bluetooth as it's a technology I never use.

There is no dock mode that displays weather or anything, but there's the standard Clock app which you can dim at night for a deskside kind of feel, but it's not like the Motorola/BLUR variations of the alarm clock dock application.

You'll be fine with two batteries. I keep two standard batteries on me at all times (one in my phone and one in my pocket) and I never have to charge my phone throughout the day (I'm talking about the entire 16-18 hours every day that I'm awake).
Nexus bluetooth is fine. I use it with a Kenwood 9980hd in the truck

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Search for it in the market. I found one in the market.

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All I need to say is screen for the galaxy nexus also chrome browser is amazing video recording is amazing development is amazing support is amazing ice cream sandwich is amazing camera not so much

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For your intended usage, there will be no effective difference between Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 adds a battery-saving low power mode that transfers data at about 1/10th the speed (implemented for very small devices like pedometers that utilize button-cell sized batteries). It can also operate over a longer distance (about 650 ft.) and has a lower latency rate (6ms). Bear in mind both devices would have to have 4.0 in order to use the features.

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I stream Pandora over BT to my Pioneer head unit. Music and calls work perfectly. I actually had trouble with the Bionic and the Razr skipping over BT with my particular head unit. If you like modding and flashing your phone, don't even consider any other phone than the Nexus.