A plus for Cachemate


Jan 13, 2010
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I've used Cachemate for a while and liked it. I have been using UD8 since it came out and had noticed that it had gotten laggy even though I had cleared the cache especially with Dolphin HD. Anyway, long story short, I reluctantly ran the power clean in Cachemate after all of it's warnings because I had backed up my phone the night before. What a difference. It cleared 18MB and I normally don't see it clear anywhere near that. It made the phone much more responsive and it has stayed that way. Just thought I would share my experience. I was getting frustrated with UD8 but am happy again.
funny i just did this morning and was going to make a post about it haha...it does in fact work pretty good
you have to be rooted for this :-(

One of the MANY advantages to rooting!
To the OP, thank you for posting this, will be trying it out myself! :dancedroid: