A few Lucid 2 questions for a new owner


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Apr 30, 2013
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I just got the Lucid 2 a few days ago and I am mostly very happy with it (though I was coming from a Droid 3 so any newer hardware would probably impress me).

I do have a few questions that I am hoping some more experienced people can help me with.

1. The Voice Dialer app on this phone seems to suck pretty bad. I have two issues with it. The first is that when it properly recognizes my voice command (rarely, see number 2) it won't actually execute the command but simply puts it up on the screen for me to confirm with a press. This is true even if it has uniquely understood my command and there is only one option for me to tap on. Requiring a manual interaction for every voice command seems to defeat the purpose of voice commands in the first place. So I am wondering if I have something configured incorrectly. Any ideas?

2. Even if the problem in #1 wasn't bugging me, the voice dialer app on this phone is hilariously bad. It is like something out of a sitcom how vastly wrong it interprets my commands. Now I don't think the problem is with my speech since it worked very well with the old Droid and it works flawlessly with Google Voice Search. I notice that Google Voice Search will also let me voice dial phone numbers and it does it very well. So that leads to my question, is there anyway to make Google Voice Search be the application that launches when I activate voice dialing with my Bluetooth headset?

3. While trying to figure out a solution to the first question, I went into Application Manager and disabled the Voice Dialer app (hoping that maybe the Google Voice Search would become the default somehow -- that did not work). So with Voice Dialer disabled, I was surprised that something still gets activated when I use my Bluetooth headset, but whatever app has activated will only dial phone numbers and will not do any of the other stuff (like open your calendar). BTW, this very limited app is much more accurate than the full up Voice Dialer app. But mostly for my curiosity, I was wondering the heck is being activated when Voice Dialer has been disabled and it is clearly not the Google Voice Search.

4. My Lucid 2 will not start Car Home when I put it into the car dock. Anyone have any ideas about this (it is configured in settings to auto launch Car Home when it is the dock)? Is there any way to manually start Car Home?

Okay, that is certainly enough for one post. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.