A few annoyances with my Droid 2 Global. Hope you all can help me out.


Mar 14, 2010
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Hey all.

First off thanks for reading this.

I have short list of things that are bugging me about the Droid 2.

I had an "original" Droid and upgraded a short while ago.

My first annoyance is even though I have setup a pattern lock I still get the slide to unlock first. I don't want to have to slide, for my hands it is much easier to do the pattern lock than it is to slide to unlock.

Second annoyance is the screen timeout. I want to change it from 30 seconds to one minute. However it never locks in the change. No matter how many times I change it, it still goes back to 30 seconds. It is a little annoying cause I will sit there and wait for an app to load and then the screen will go blank. For most people this is not as big a problem, they just turn the screen back on and it is no big deal. I have executive assistant though so when I turn the screen back on it opens to it instead of the application I was trying to load before. Most of the time this is exactly how I want the phone to operate but for those times when the screen goes off cause I am waiting on an app to load it can be a little frustrating.

I tried using Screeble before but I could never get it to work right for me.

Is there any way to change the screen timeout and have it stick, and get rid of the slide to unlock?

Thanks very much.