80% Digital Content Discounts During Amazon's Digital Day!


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Oct 6, 2011
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American consumers love to shop on days that are dedicated to deals. Retailers rely on earnings during days like Black Friday to bolster up their entire operations for the year. For many retailers if they don't do well on Black Friday they simply have no profits for the year. Amazon has capitalized on this phenomenon by offering extra "Deal Days". Yes they have deals on Black Friday and even on Cyber Monday, but they also have their very own "Prime Day" in the middle of the year. Now they are adding yet another deal day to their lineup. Digital Day will be the day you can save big time on digital media. The day is scheduled for December 30th and the deals will start at 12AM. You will be able to save up to 80% off the suggested retail prices.

If you received an amazon gift card in your stocking over the Christmas break this is the perfect time to spend it. You can rack up on things like movies, music, apps, games, and books. The sales will not be limited to digital content that can be consumed on Amazon devices. You can also save big on PC software and Console Video Games. The sale will last 24 hours, but some titles may be on flash sale so you will want to check back throughout the day as deals are updated.

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