5 Days with my Galaxy Nexus

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Mar 14, 2011
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I've had my GN for 5 days now, just upgraded form the OG D1. There are A LOT of pros (too much to list) but here are a couple of cons:

1. The screen is huge! I do love it, it's just a little hard to text with one hand.
2. I randomly lost service a couple times today (never happened with my D1)
3. While in a call, when I put the phone up to my ear while the keypad is displayed, it pushes the keypad, which makes it hard checking voice mails.
4. The battery life is not very good. I loose about 20% over night idling, and almost dead by the end of the work day. Waiting for my extended battery.

Other than that, I love the screen, the camera, the fact that is was unlocked and rooted in about 5 minutes, and on and on.......can't wait for the stable ROMs to start coming!!
try out franco's kernel(with his app) and enable hot plug. It turns off one of the processors when the phone is in deep sleep. I loose 1% every 1-3 hours.... unplug at 100% and wake up with it at 97-95%.
I have the extended battery and i love it. it make the phone BARELY any larger. Well worth the $25 bucks i spent. DancingNexusDancingNexusDancingNexus

It one of the things i really love about this phone and keeps me from returning it!
I'm getting great battery life on mine. I lose 1% per hr. while in sleep. Running AOKP M3 with Franco kernel.
Had mine for 5 days also, but have had none of those issues. but withing 10min of getting home I unlocked, rooted, put on AOKP M3 and franco kernel. Thing is slick and battery life is what it is, but I am on it A LOT, but still better than my old D2s battery life and even DX2