4.4.2 network issues on xt926


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Aug 16, 2013
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Thanks to all the developers for there ard work. I'm loving Kit Kat!

I have been using Kit Kat on my Verizon Razr HD XT926 daily. I have been flashing CM11 nighlies and recently ran in to problem. For some reason my phone automatcally connects to 3G instead of LTE. I can go into Settings/More/Mobile Networks and It has CDMA+LTE/EvDo selected. This should be my correct network setting by default. I can go in manually and select LTE and it does work. This is a extremely annoying considering if I want to use LTE I can't recieve calls or texts... Anyone else deal with this?

I am now running 4.4.2 Carbon ROM and it is butter smooth. Everything is work well besides this wierd glitch my phone is having with the data.

Thanks for any help :) this site rocks!

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