[ROM] OmniMetal Rom Android 4.4.2 For VZW Galaxy Nexus!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The VZW Galaxy Nexus is the phone that just doesn't want to die. It has also had the most developer support out of all the Verizon phones except for maybe the OG droid. This was one of the last phones that was bootloader unlockable on Verizon's network. Unfortunately the latest version of Android for the VZW Galaxy Nexus that has been officially released is 4.2.2! There will never be an official release of Kit Kat for this device. Heck even newer phones like the Note 3 are without 4.4.2 on Verizon's network. This is what makes the development community so important.

OmniMetal Rom has been updated to 4.4.2 for the VZW Galaxy Nexus! This Rom is much more than just an update to the latest and greatest Android firmware. It includes a mobile networks settings fix, -03 optimizations for improved performance, linaro 4.8 toolchain for even greater speed, change animation scale in developer settings out of the box, Dirty V kernel, and more. This is a Work In Progress, but there are no known bugs, so this should be ready for use as a daily driver!

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Yea, I love this ROM, I've been using it for about a month now, and it gave fresh air to my GNex.

There are some know issues, like the multiwindow sometimes FC's, but it works most of the time and it's awesome.

Thanks for featuring it
OmniMetal has been on my GN since early February, running nicely. Action is taken quickly for development issues and features are worked on when requested. Kernel and TricksterMod combination yields a very reliable operating device. I have a launch day GN and have never had hardware issues with mine. Lucky draw, I guess.