4.1.1 radios - a drastic improvement


Nov 2, 2010
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Colorado, USA
So my data wasn't horrible, but it would drop from time to time on the 4.0.4 radios. I just flashed the 4.1.1 radios and already my data connection is better, connects almost instantly when wifi is turned off.

I know, I know, we shouldn't HAVE to flash these on our own to get our phones to work better, but if it solves problems caused by a faulty build why not flash it?

Any way, if you have signal issues, I highly recomend trying these out.
Even in my area, a strong 4g signal I noticed a significant improvement. I was getting signal in certain building I wasn't getting it. I get 4g in some buildings while I'm in the basement, it's pretty impressive.
Fixed my data drops entirely. Would drop data and voice connections at least twice an hour when connected to 4G. Haven't had a single drop since flashing the radios.

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I was pulling on average 4-5mbps download and 1-2mbps upload on the 4.0.4 radios. Just ran another speed test and hit 12mbps down and 11mbps up on the 4.1.1 radio. I'd say that's an improvement.
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