2x 1540mAh battery+dock AC charger for Motorola Droid X


Nov 26, 2009
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I just received mine today. Best deal on the net.


2x 1540mAh battery+dock AC charger for Motorola Droid X - eBay (item 190424780277 end time Aug-28-10 02:09:42 PDT)
i got the same thing for my motorola droid, well the droid version of them. $10 bucks buy it now on eBay, so happy with it
Ordered mine. Thanks for the info. I hope they are decent. Either way, that gives us 3 batteries to rotate through the charger. Battery issue solved..even though I don't have any battery issues because I haven't recieved my DX yet...Still playing the waiting game...
I ordered mine from here
2x BATTERY+ Dock CHARGER FOR Motorola Droid X MB810 - eBay (item 120599049645 end time Aug-20-10 20:22:36 PDT)

They work great, but my Droid X shows they are low (in the red) in 4 hours. At first i was i was a little mad but 12 hours later it was in the same spot. The red light blinking all the time gets annoying fast tho. Im going to try charging the battery in the phone and see how that turns out.

Oh also shipping took about 2 weeks for mine to get here.

go into your data/system and delete batterystats.bin file (it might be batteryinfo)
I also ordered this set for my Evo and been using them for about a month now. They work great and the wall charger is the best because i dont have to pull the battery all the time.

Since i have updated to froyo i really haven't needed the extra batteries though. I go to work and stream music for about 6 out of my 10hr work day call and text while I'm there and i still have 60% battery after my shift.

All and all the battery set worked great for me while i needed it.
Wow...super cheap. The only downside I see from this is that those batteries are faulty in some way and could fry the X or leak acid or something. Otherwise this is a heck of a deal.