2500 mah battery wishful thinking


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Mar 7, 2010
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I recently upgraded from the OG Droid and nabbed myself this gorgeous phone. I understand having a huge beautiful screen like this will drain battery like a boss so thought an extended battery would be awesome. The OEM Samsung I feel is too small while the alternative 3800/4000 are too big. I get close to 4 hours of on screen time/talk combined in a 10 hour period +/-2hrs depending upon school/work. but adding about 180 minutes would be perfect.

The note runs a 2500mah and I honestly think that would be the perfect size/productivity for the gnex. Am I alone in this? Is there a way to contact OEM/3rd party vendors for such a request if a large enough market would purchase?
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I bought the extended 2100 battery... 2 reasons ...it doesn't add bulk to the phone and it was only $25. I work 10-12 hour shifts and am on my phone quite a bit. Mainly web browsing , downloading apps, texting, twitter, and some phone calls. On and off 3g/wifi. I get about 7 hours on the extended then switch to the original. Yes I'd like the battery to last a whole work day for me without swapping but for $25 I can't go wrong

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Swapping batteries only takes about a minute to do. I carry around two extra at all times, I never get passed the second one though.

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You give a email to samsung, check out if they can change the note' battery to nexus, the price must will be higher.
The general brand mobile phone standby time is short, and may be in absolute safety considerations.

Chinese market to see a lot of 2500 mA, long standby time