Extended Battery for D Pro - 2500 mAh ??


Oct 8, 2010
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Pennsylvania, USA
I'm wondering if it is possible to find one of these for the Droid Pro? I see them available for other Droid models, but don't know if any of them would fit the Pro. I'd like to find a battery with 2500 mAh . Do you think it exists?
Hi spydergirl, there is an extended battery for the Droid Pro. Verizon sells 1820 mAh batteries with back covers, just call your nearest Verizon store.

About the Mugen 3400 mAh. DO NOT GET THIS. When I first got my Pro I was looking for extended batteries too, and I was shocked when I saw how big Mugen's batteries were. Unfortunately, they don't add much extra life to your battery and some people have reported that the stock Verizon 1820 mAh battery worked much better. These non-OEM batteries also mess up your battery's calibration and sometimes give the wrong percentage of battery life (sometimes causing your phone to prematurely die even when there is plenty of battery left!).

I do not advise wasting money on any extended batteries that are not directly sold by Motorola or Verizon. If you'd like, you can search around in the forum and you'll find the Mugen and OEM batteries threads to read more about user's problems with these batteries.