1st "custom" GB rom to work on d2! Rubix Blurry Bread (for dx)

its not my work, just showing its out there....its pretty much stock GB with some bloat removed and some tweaks....read the link
lol i know what the ROM is and i know its drod's but i was just wondering what u meant by it being custom compared to other ROMs that werent custom haha
Without flaws??? Im super happy now haha I love "custom" roms lalala de daaa
Does the keyboard not function all the way? Like the alt lock and such?
i flashed it from what i have seen my camera doesnt work and there are you problem with the keyboard

i may try and flash the dx to d2 port and see if that fixes problems
Seems to be running fine. But like it's already been said camera doesn't and keyboard has problems. Tried the dx to d2 port but just boot looped (first time it's happened to me). Have a feeling its cause of some of gb and froyo differences
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Well its a step in the right direction. I'm eager to see what else comes along

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I'd install this just to try it, but I'm content to wait for an actual Droid 2 release. I actually need my phone to work tomorrow. Ha. Exciting news, even if it isn't exactly really "custom". Not too much done with it from what I can tell.