1Password app arrives on Android Market

The app is a complete failure... Does any know what the approval process is for an app to be put on the Market?

Can you elaborate? Do you have 1Password installed on your Mac or PC? That's the only way the Android app will work.

No, I don't hence the problem. Keepass works fine for may needs. Thank.
1Password no good for Android

The Android version is only a reader; In fact the app name is "1Password Reader." New entries can only be placed on the phone by entering them via the desktop version, getting phone and PC on the same network and then syncing from the phone's version.
This application worked well on the desktop and the phone until I ran the last update which modified the phone display format. Now, instead of the descriptive list from your desktop you must wrestle with the full URL. Long URLs do not work at all and don't display passwords.
An email response from the manufacturer said that a future update would resolve these issues. That was a couple of months ago and I am still waiting. It seems that the Android version is not their top priority.