1.5 to 2.1 Speed Issues?


Apr 30, 2010
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Columbia, MO
My Wife has a Droid Eris. We both just got new phones. I got the Incredible on the release date and the Wife got the Eris.

We're keeping up on news and see that soon her phone will get the 2.1 update on her Eris. She currently has 1.5 best I can tell.

I'm wondering though will 2.1 on her phone slow it down? It's already very slow compared to my Incredible as I can see it lag where mine won't at all...not surprising though considering the Incredible has a processor twice the speed of the Eris.

So will she experience a slower phone after the update?
I have a leaked 2.1 rom on my Eris and the phone seems to run smoother than it did with 1.5.
I have a leaked 2.1 rom on my Eris and the phone seems to run smoother than it did with 1.5.

That was the other side of the coin that I was hoping for. I know that a good operating system can actually smooth things out and speed things up but I also don't know the resources it uses compared to 1.5.

If the phone ends up faster then GREAT, but if it's slower after the update then she might need a faster phone altogether.
Hey Durnago,

Before going with Android phones my wife and i were BB users and I always got flack for messing with the OS on her phone. I decided to sneak and update her Eris to 2.1 and she loves it. It is extremely smooth and she loves the Navigation, the new market and how much better her battery life is. The update was so simple. You should definately update your wife's phone.
I never really noticed an issue with 1.5 or 2.1 though 2.1 seems to run a bit smoother.
You really can't compare the Incredible and the Eris. First off the Incredible has a Snapdragon 1GHz processor, the Eris has a 500MHz processor. Second the Incredible comes stock with 2.1 and senseUI, The Eris has 1.5 and senseUI.
Having said that, the others posts were correct, I had 1.5 for a short time then installed a leak (unfortunately before the rooted leak came out) and noticed a huge improvement in the overall performance of the phone and some nice added features. So the long and short of it is unless you are dieing to have root right now, I would wait until the official OTA gets released, then I would still wait to see of one of the developers roots the OTA.