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Discussion in 'Galaxy S4 Development' started by n0m0n, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Been away for a while (playing with a iPh5s) shhhh!
    As usual I got bored (again) with the iOS so I charged back up my SCH-I5454 and then did what I know I shouldn't have.
    I blindly flashed my S4 (which was rooted and on Hyperdrive 12) to the newest version or Hyperdrive 13 whipped cache and then CRASHED!!!

    So Im still am using the iPh5s....

    I tried everything but my S4 only powers up with the boot splash screen and then it goes to a black screen.

    I decided since I've been to this dance before to just get my PC up and running again (presently using a iMAC) and used Odin to flash back to a out of box Factory / Unrooted device.

    I figured since I am at the out of box state (which means June of last years software) I'd try to see if there is any new updates for a Verizon S4...
    After going through the gmail setup I went into settings | More | About | Software update | Software update Check for update, and got a message Service unavailable....

    So at this point my Android version is 4.2.2..

    Is that the newest version of android os available for my device or is there an issue with my S4 updating?

    I plan to root again if for nothing else but to use Titanium to regain some of my apps setup.

    That said I just want to first see if or whats new and exciting in the world of a stock S4...


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    If you have an old out of the box firmware *DO NOT UPDATE*!!!!!!
    Check to see if you have an MDK ROM?
    You know settings, about ......

    If your phone is still an MDK version, immediately root and install TWRP.
    You can then play around with Kit Kat, etc.
    But if your phone is MDK, under no circumstances should you take an OTA. It will prevent the LOKI explot and fullt lock down the boot loader.