Yahoo business mail issues

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    Long story short, I deleted my yahoo business mail acct due to the "low storage" symbol that kept popping up. (horrible job on the partitioning by the way) Before I deleted my yahoo biz mail I was getting all of my e-mails with no problems at all. I added the biz mail account again, with the correct pop settings, but now I can't see any of my existing e-mails in my inbox, and if I get an e-mail from a existing e-mail chain it doesn't show up on my phone.

    So here are the details:
    -I use yahoo biz mail
    -I have my biz mail forwarded into a full version of Outlook 2010
    -I have delted and added the biz mail account on my droid incredible several times, but it won't load in existing e-mails that are in my inbox, which shows up in outlook

    -How do I get my inbox with all e-mails in it, to show up in my droid incredible mail account?

    I can send e-mails from my phone just fine, and I can receive completely NEW e-mails just fine (completely new meaning that it isn't a response from an earlier e-mail in my outlook inbox.

    Thanks for the help.
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