[XPOSED] Module XBlast Tools Tons Of Custom Tweaks!

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    The great thing about the Xposed Framework is that you can modify and customize your device with only root. This is more and more compelling as Verizon and other carriers are becoming more and more prudent about locking down their devices. With Xposed framework it isn't required that you flash a rom or unlock a bootloader, and you can modify bits and pieces of your system without having to change the whole thing like with roms. Xblast Tools, a module by developer "Riyajudeen Mohamed Yousuf" is the ultimate in customization. It features an extensive list of custom mods that will give your device a whole new look and feel.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some of the standout features of this module include choose favorite color of clock without modifying apk, add custom text to clock, add color to date in the notifications, choose favorite font for clock and date, choose any color for the status bar, choose full transparent for notification bar, enable 180 rotation, choose any color for battery, any color for wifi signal, any color for mobile signal, any color to the carrier name in the pull down menu and the list goes on and on. All of this with only Root! You will need to have the Xposed Installer, and Xposed Framework installed for this to work. This comes at the price of only $2.38 on the Play Store!

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