WiFi Tether for Root Users - Not Broadcasting

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    Would anyone have an idea why WiFi Tether for Root Users (any and all versions) would not broadcast on WiFi? The app once worked for me splendidly. But, after having someone jump on my unsecured connection, I attempted encryption under the settings section of the app. After I did that, the app quit working altogether. I've spent hours loading different versions, with different settings, but the simple fact is when the app runs, there is a disconnect with WiFi and my laptop client doesn't see it. I've used inSSIDer to view the all WiFi broadcasts and it doesn't see the app broadcasting either.

    Way back, under ICS, I used the paid version of FoxFi. But, after Jelly Bean, FoxFi went to hell in a hand basket with their VPN workaround and the incessant screen unlocking nonsense moved to WiFi Tether for Root Users.

    Evidently, the authors are busy doing other things, despite my financial contributions. android-wifi-tether - Wireless Tether for Root Users - Google Project Hosting
    I'll continue to attempt to ping them for help, but I thought maybe someone on this forum may have some insight.
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