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    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to get the App Dock in the Grid and Tiles widget pack to work?
    I purchased it the other day reached out to the developer but he hasn't responded so i thought I'd ask here.
    I added it to my screen but its blank on the left side it only has the draw icon and it says App's, other then that I cant seem to get how to get the arrow on the right which looks like it triggers the widget to call up the 4 app's.

    I searched, watched the 48 second video on the Google Play Stores description page, but I haven't found anywhere where to or how to get app's on the widget to work or the arrow.

    I tried to enable the hotspot within UCCW but I don't know what to add to hotspot 3.

    Also when I added the Notification bar gMail and Messages are running into eachother.

    I have Apex Launcher grid set to 10x10 on my S4...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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