Why do you develop apps?

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    We all do what we do in our job because of some particular reason(s). Did you ask yourself - why do I do what I do? Well, the recent study conducted by VisionMobile asked the number of questions to app developers, to be specific to 6,000 of them to get a real picture of what app development platform is the most popular, profitable and the number of other questions, among them the most important one - why do you develop apps?

    Now, during the App store inception and for several years after, the major reason, according to an information that were possible to gather at that time, the core motivation was money. Then, it’s hard to say when exactly, things changed, perhaps the reason behind was the level of competition on the app stores, the economy state overall and some other obscure factors.

    Download the full report is available here Developer Economics Q3 2013 | Developer Economics Developer Economics

    Btw - why do you develop apps and for what platforms?