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    Not sure if Im the only one with this bug but Here is whats going on I usually listen to music from sd card but today I grew tired of that music so I used Droid X's FM radio app after shutting down useing for bout 6 hours I heard white noise (static coming from speaker ) of phone also after useing headphones for antenna for phone speaker was not able to use headphones again till after reboot plug in headphones still sound from phone speaker so you would figuare after a reboot you shouldnt hear noise coming from phone speaker but low and behold white noise so I pulled battery cleared up no noise so few hours later what white noise again but havent used FM radio since first reboot now im getting random white noise

    I am rooted useing z4 useing milestone overclock and setcpu rest pertty basic no task killer I am useing super manager for memory but set up for manual mem clear and I always have between 250 and 290 ram free
    anyone else with this problem as It did Munch my battery away (num num num):icon_eek:
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