Weird Texting do I fix them?

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    I have an Samsung Galaxy S from Verizon. Its a refurbished one that they sent with the newest OS on it as of 2 weeks ago. (had the phone for a couple months)

    I started having this issue a few months ago with my first one. The update froze and it killed the link to the server somehow, so they gave me a new one because it was a weird issue they knew about.

    The second one had glitches that were really bad, including a broking headphone jack, so I got the one I have currently.

    The first one, I would send a large text file, and it would not get to the person until 3...4...5... days later. When they would get it, it would be all out of order. Ive seen this glitch online, but its not the weird one I have.

    The new one with the updated OS has a really really unique glitch. If I send a multimedia text, it takes a while to get there, but appears to arrive in one piece, or never arrives.

    Now, if I send a large text file thats not multimedia, it does one thing to one person, and one thing to another.

    Person A will get one of 5 lets say instantly, and maybe the fifth text in line...the other three might arrive at the same time the next day or 5 days later, but are usually out of sync. If I send 2 large texts, they will get pieces now, then later get the rest at the same time, making no sense when you read it.

    Person B started receiving them weird a couple weeks ago. Sometimes when she sends me replies, they will show up in japanese lettering. And if its a large message, only some of the texts appear like that. Recently as of today, she texted me asking about something weird I said. So after talking to her, she showed me what I sent, and it was completely different on her phone compared to mine. What appears to have happened, A previous text I sent fused to one I sent today. So, I asked a question about work and stuff before, then ask a simple question today, and it was asking about her work day and the stuff was all jumbled.

    This is really becoming quite a problem, and its happening more and more. Before it was like...once a week. Now its almost every text I send thats beyond a sentence gets all mixed up. And its my phone because im the only constant. No other people they text have this problem, only me.

    Any thoughts?
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