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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Humann, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, first time post here, i just wanted some input on my battery life. i am running
    Droid 1
    Cyanogenmod 6.1.2
    Ultra Low voltage 800ghz Kernel 7 slot by Chevyno1
    No Custom Theme just ADW Launcher.

    So basically i have had weird battery life regardless of what Rom or kernel i have had (i was running Ultimate Droid 1.0.0 before this, stock kernel). But to give you an example, today i finished charging my phone at 12pm, came back to my phone at 12 30pm and started texting, and like 1 minute into phone usage my battery drops from 100 percent to 50 percent. its been about 3 hrs now, havent really used my phone but its still at 50... also if i fully charge my phone, then reboot it, it will go down to like 80 or 70 just from rebooting. then when it finally gets down to like 5 percent, it can last like 1 or 2 hours like that before shutting down. so what im trying to say is my battery seems to drop really quick, but once it gets to the low percent, it seems to last a little longer. i still have short battery life tho, like 7 hrs if i use it lightly. could it be my battery is going bad? ive looked at battery usage and i dont see anything odd, right now with my phone being in sleep mode most of the time its reading (in spare parts):
    Network usage since last unplugged, UID 10051 is 25% blue and the rest is all red.
    Partial wake usage since last unplugged Android System is about 90% blue
    Other usage since last unplugged Running is 97.8% red, and Screen on is 6.7% red.
    and thats it. According to Battery Booster app, my battery health is good, and the voltage is 3728 mV (is that correct for ultra low voltage kernel?
    i have all the possible battery draining things like wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness etc always turned off. and my SETCPU Profiles are as follows:

    battery 75-100% is 250-800mhz ondemand
    battery 50-75% is 250-700mhz ondemand
    battery 25-50% is 250-600mhz ondemand
    battery 25 and lower is 250-400mhz ondemand
    screen off is 250-250mhz performance
    and charging is 250-400mhz powersave

    that is how i currently have it setup, but ive had it setup before with no profiles, just 250-600mhz ondemand, with the same results.

    i dont have very many apps installed, i have enough internal memory, and besides my battery issue everything runs great. i ordered a new battery to see if that will change anything but in the meantime i wanted to know what you guys think, sorry its so long but i wanted to get as much detail in as possible, TIA!