Weather widget problem, pls help.

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    I've saw the 'weather widget smoked glass', and tried to find this at the market. When I search for 'weather widget' i get these:

    weather widget default
    weather widget HUD toggle
    weather widget glass toggle

    Now, the information says "androidapps toggle skin, don't download if you don't have 'Weather & Toggle Widget'

    Search 'Weather & Toggle Widget' or ' weather widget donate' on the market or go

    First of all, when I serach those strings in the market, I get the same hits as above. Now, I tried the 'Weather widget - Free' application, and that was wrong.

    Do I need an external application called 'weather widget donate' or something, or am I supposed to use the native 'News and weather' application on my Nexus One? In that case, how do I find/get it?

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