Htc sense style flip clock weather widget & toggle help needed please

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    in 2010 I downloaded WEATHER & TOGGLE WIDGET AND THE FORECAST ADDON BY Android Apps

    It was exact replia of SENSE HTC Flip clock and weather animations . Hopefully you have this
    Download Weather Widget Forecast Addon 5.7.2,Weather Widget Forecast Addon 5.7.2 5.7.2 Android download |

    it is long gone from Market. I have both files It was working fine until today . Now weather shows up AS N/A and addon is no longer recognized and doesn't who up in settings.

    I uninstalled and re-installed. No luck. Flip clock is fine. Just no weather.

    1. If you have experienced this & know how to fix please let me know

    2. If you know a new app that has an EXACT replica of the Flip Clock and weather animations, please let me know APP and SKIN needed. Most new are close but look like cheap knock offs.

    Thanks for your help
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