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    Build 19
    Jelly Beans is Geared Towards Users that want the look of AOSP but want the stability and feautures of touchwiz

    [u][color=#ff0000][size=3]Aroma Feature's:[/size][/color][/u]
    -Selectable Applications
    -[B]Google:[/B] Talk, Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Play Music
    -[B]Samsung:[/B] Allshare, Kies, Live Wallpapers, Sphoto editor, Paper Artist,Mobile Print, Smemo, Svoice, SCalendar,
    -[B]Misc:[/B]dropbox w 50gb hack, flash player, ad blocking, Polaris Viewer, Wireless Tether, Vpn, terminal emulator, myvzw, vvm
    -Launcher Selection (4x4 Touchwiz, 4x5 Touchwiz, Apex, Nova)
    -Email App Selection (Stock, Hacked Stock, Aosp)
    -SMS App Selection (Touchwiz, Aosp, Inverted Aosp)
    -Keyboard Selection (Touchwiz Keyboard, 4.2 Keyboard)
    -Music Selection (Touchwiz Music, Apollo)
    -File Explorer Selection (Stock, Es File explorer)
    -SystemUi Mods (Sense Recents, Stock Recents)
    -Lidroid Mods (# of toggles shown, color of toggles, text of toggles on/off)
    -Kernel Selection (Stock, LeanKernel, Kt747 Kernel, faux)
    -Sound Selection (Aosp or Tw Ui Sounds)
    -Boot anim Selection (JellyBeans or Google Edition)
    -Based off of Scotts Deodexed OTA 4.1.2 VRBMF1
    -Re-Themed To be JB Aosp Looking
    -Google News & Weather Widget (geniewidget)
    -Native All apps in Multi-window
    -JellyBeans OTA updater
    -Bash, BusyBox, Sqlite3, Init.d Support
    -Hacked Launcher for Moar Speed
    -Continous Scroll on Launcher
    -Launcher Sorted Alphabetically By Default
    -Custom Android Bookmarks 
    -Build.prop Tweaks
    -Custom Init.d Scripts
    -Device Status now is "Normal"
    -Emoji Keyboard
    -jellybean wallpapers
    -Shutter sound menu on camera
    -Misc Browser Tweaks
    -Smart Stay icon only comes on when in use not (always on)
    -Unlimited Browser Tabs
    -Unlimited Contact Links
    -Animated 1% Battery Mod
    -Call Recording Option in phone menu
    -Sense 4 Recents option
    -Enabled Mobile Hotspot
    -Removed Annoying Location Icon
    -Removed All traces of Software Update
    -Removed 100% battery full Notification
    -Removed Easy Mode
    -Removed Carrier Throttling
    -Removed all traces of Carrier IQ
    -Removed Syscope Everything = official even bootloader
    -disabled scrolling cache
    -disabled signature checks
    -Added Ringtones MIUI/CM
    -Build.prop Tweaks
    -23 toggle mod
    -custom settings
    -rom control
    -1% Battery Mod
    -fully resizable popup browser
    -fully working call/message block
    -fully working blocking mode 
    -4-way Reboot Menu
    -Zipaligned on Boot
    -non fading ringtone mod
    -wifi notif killer mod
    -50Gb Free Dropbox
    *Enabled ALL mms options
    -Unlimited Recipient Limit
    -enabled Screen on/off toggle
    -enabled Signature Setings
    -enabled Vibration Options
    -enabled emergency alert options
    -enabled Split mode on landscape
    -enabled Save/restore Messages
    -enabled Message priority option
    -enabled spam/blocking mode
    -enabled Group Messaging
    -enabled Reminder Alert
    -all limits maxed out
    [u][color=#FF0000][size=3]Custom Settings:[/size][/color][/u]
    *Rom Control
    -longpress to kill selection
    -Custom home dbl tap intent option
    -Scrollable Launcher toggle
    -Scrollable wallpaper togggle
    -Custom Lockscreen Picker
    -Aosp Lockscreen Vibration Toggle
    -LockScreen Torch Toggle
    -Quick Unlock Toggle
    -Riple Effect Toggle
    -Lockscreen Sounds Toggle
    -Longpress to skip tracks v3 menu
    -Clock Position Toggle
    -Ampm Style Toggle
    -Day of Week Toggle
    -Clock color toggle
    -Quick Toggle Settings
    -Alarm Icon Toggle
    -Sound Icon Toggle
    -Bluetooth icon toggle
    -IME icon Toggle
    -Statusbar color/transparency picker
    -network speed in statusbar toggle
    -network speed color picker
    -Battery Icon Picker
    -Battery Bar Toggle and Options
    *App Settings
    -Pie Controls
    -Cpu Control
    -Fast Dormancy Toggle
    -Gps Quick Fix
    -Media Battery Drain Fix
    -Dormant mode shortcut
    *Xposed Framework Mods
    -Framework Installer
    -Per App Dpi Settings
    -Theme engine
    -Icon Themer
    *Jelly Beans Updater/Addons Downloader

    [b]Build 19 - 09-07-2013[/b]
    <*>fixed all typos in scripts and build.prop
    <*>fixed jellybeans addon downloader
    <*>Absolutely Murdered all traces of Syscpope
    <*>killed syscope so well everything = official
    <*>hacked touchwiz launcher for insane speed
    <*>redid the way all apps in mw is handled
    <*>redid the way ime icon disabled is done
    <*>redid the way alarm icon disabled is done
    <*>redid the way jelly beans info is found
    <*>ripple effect is now off by default
    <*>removed carrier throttling service
    <*>removed carrierIQ calls throughout apps/fw
    <*>removed tether provisioning calls completely
    <*>removed bb10 lockscreen as it causes issues
    <*>removed backup assistant and made it an option
    <*>added double tap home for svoice or google search
    <*>added tw launcher scroll wallpaper toggle
    <*>added option to hide bluetooth icon
    <*>added option to hide mute/vibrate icons
    <*>added toggle for network speed in statusbar
    <*>added option for net speed color in statusbar
    <*>added new faux mainline kernel v24m
    <*>updated lean kernel to version 3.1
    <*>updated lean kernel exp to version 3.1
    <*>updated kt747 kernel to 8-21 version
    <*>updated apex, play store, dropbox, es file
    <*>updated maps, gmail, gms core, google now
    <*>updated google music, hangouts, youtube
    <*>updated samsung link, samsung push, nova
    <*>updated SuperSU, Kies Air, Google Keyboard
    <*>updated busybox and sqlite3
    [b]Build 18 - 08-01-2013[/b]
    <*>Fixed updateme and build.prop typos
    <*>fixed zoom theme bug on n2 and s3 cameras
    <*>Fixed stock recents missing jellybeans carrier label
    <*>added Xposed Icon Themer version 1.5
    <*>added on the fly battery icon picker 20+
    <*>added acer,sense,lg,stock,aosp,bb10 lockscreens
    <*>added custom 1% charging animations
    <*>added blocking mode notification toggle
    <*>added quick unlock toggle to lockscreen settings
    <*>Removed xposed tweakbox causes bugs, doesnt work
    <*>Removed battery options in aroma
    <*>Updated LMT launcher to v 1.910
    <*>Updated xposed theme engine to beta 5
    <*>Updated google music, hangouts, Allshare, SuperSu
    [b]Build 17 - 07-19-2013[/b]
    <*>Fixed some issues with new aroma installer
    <*>Fixed some issues with busybox ppl were having
    <*>Removed Carrier label in dropdown
    <*>Removed Brightness Slider toggle was buggy
    <*>Removed faux kernel breaks camera
    <*>Added Brightness Slider Option to aroma
    <*>Added S3/N2 Camera Option to aroma
    <*>Added Custom JellyBeans Carrier Label :) 
    <*>Added Newest Aroma Installer 
    <*>Added leankernel 3.0 experimental
    <*>Added fully working dormant mode
    <*>Added option for beans or google anim
    <*>Added little android battery
    <*>Added 2nd call ongoin to call recording
    <*>cleaned up native call recording code
    <*>updated ktoons kernel to 5-31 kernel
    <*>updated es file explorer
    <*>wifi offload now off by default
    [b]Build 16 - 07-17-2013[/b]
    <*>completely Remade from the ground up with VRBMF1
    <*>added clock position toggle
    <*>added ampm toggle
    <*>added day of week toggle
    <*>added Clock color picker
    <*>added statusbar color/transparecy settings
    <*>added 1% Battery Mod 
    <*>added alarm icon toggle
    <*>added native aosp battery bar and settings
    <*>added longpress to skip track v3
    <*>added aosp lockscreen with shortcuts
    <*>added aosp lockscreen vibrate toggle 
    <*>added lockscreen sounds toggle
    <*>added brightness slider toggle
    <*>added longpress home for torch toggle
    <*>added longpress to kill apps toggle
    <*>added keyboard ime icon toggle
    <*>added native all apps to multiwindow
    <*>added 4x5 touchwiz option 
    <*>added launcher speed tweaks
    <*>added call recording to phone menu
    <*>added updateme update center/addon downloader
    <*>Removed Ongoing Wifi Notification
    <*>Removed Carrier logo in drop down
    <*>Removed 100 battery full notification
    <*>Removed ota update center
    <*>Removed increasing ringtone
    <*>Disabled Signature checks
    <*>Disabled Scrolling Cache
    <*>updated SuperSu, Dropbox, es file explorer
    <*>updated gmail, google music, google now
    <*>updated hangouts, kies air, google maps
    <*>updates allshare, Samsung push, youtube
    <*>updated play store, google services
    <*>updated maps, my verizon
    <*>fixed xposed popups when uninstalling apps
    <*>fixed call/message block now 100% working
    <*>Themed everything aosp 
    [b]Build 15 - 04-21-2013[/b]
    <*>added 50% increased sound mod
    <*>added data wipe options to aroma
    <*>added reboot option to end of aroma
    <*>added bootanimation enabler for all kernels
    <*>added 4/11 kt747 kernel for att and tmo
    <*>added faux mainline kernel for att,tmo,vzw
    <*>should fix any roaming network issues-vzw
    <*>home wakes phone doesnt exit app now
    <*>fixed notification cutting off app text
    <*>removed stock bootanimations
    <*>updated dropbox and esfile explorer
    <*>updated youtube and 720p youtube
    <*>updated nova, allshare widget
    <*>updated play store to new 4.0.26 version
    <*>updated LMT aka pie to version 1.98
    <*>updated xposed installer to 2.1.3
    <*>updated per app dpi settings to 0.3
    <*>updated xposed tweakbox to 1.4
    <*>updated ad blocking host file
    <*>updated leankernel to 2.2-vzw
    <*>updated kt747 kernel 4/11 and added bootanim
    [b]Build 14 - 04-03-2013[/b]
    <*>redid Aroma installer</*>
    <*>annoying wifi suggestion now off by default!
    <*>ripple effect is now off by default
    <*>completely removed backup assistant
    <*>xposed disabler is now pushed to sdcard
    <*>4.2.2 downgrade zip is pushed to sdcard
    <*>took out 4.2 cam made flashable zip
    <*>redid my init.d scripts, combined
    <*>redid custom settings and rom control
    <*>fixed any tw mms bugs there were
    <*>fixed twrp saying root is broken
    <*>fixed google now bugs
    <*>added back note2 cam/gallery option
    <*>added multicarrier support vzw,att,tmo,spr
    <*>added carrier kernel and app selections
    <*>added nfc terminal capability FU VZW
    <*>added apn editor for vzw use any sim now
    <*>added pie control & settings to cus setting
    <*>added dormant mode to custom settings
    <*>added xposed installer to custom settings
    <*>added xposed tweakbox to custom settings
    <*>added per app dpi to custom settings
    <*>added stock samsung bootanim just incase
    <*>updated inverted aosp mms to 3.1 version
    <*>updated adobe flash to newest version
    <*>updated kt747 kernel and added bootanim
    <*>updated google now,samsung push, apex
    [b]Build 13 - 03-18-2013[/b]
    <*>hopefully fixed any aroma freezes
    <*>completely redid rom from ground up
    <*>combined mine and didacts rom control
    <*>new lidroid settings app no beacons now
    <*>removed scrolling cache
    <*>fixed some phone theming
    <*>all aroma batteries are in rom control
    <*>added time placement toggle
    <*>added ampm toggle
    <*>added day of week toggle
    <*>added didacts lockscreens and toggles
    <*>added longpress to skip tracks toggle
    <*>added Battery Icon Toggle
    <*>added keyboard switcher toggle
    <*>updated kt747 kernel to 3-14-13
    <*>updated imoseyon Kernel to 2.1
    <*>updated Rom to new 4.1.2 VRBMB3 OTA
    <*>updated SuperSU, Kies, dropbox
    <*>updated group play,google now, my verizon
    <*>updated hacked stock email
    [b]Build 12 - 02-28-2013[/b]
    <*>full framework-res theme overhaul
    <*>fixed copy and paste bug
    <*>updated Phone Theme
    <*>updated contacts theme
    <*>updated touchwiz email theme
    <*>updated host blocking file
    <*>updated imoseyons kernel to 2.0
    <*>updated Kt 747 Kernel to 2-19-13 version
    <*>updated 720 youtube to new version
    <*>updated Supersu, nova
    <*>reverted lockscreen clock to stock 
    <*>added nano and bash text editors
    <*>added back labels on apps phone/contacts
    <*>added back labels on apps videos/music
    <*>Added Samsung Setup Wizard Option
    <*>added back missing keyboard switcher
    <*>added touchwiz email with security disabled
    [b]Build 11 - 02-18-2013[/b]
    <*>JellyBean's Now has ota updates
    <*>Added option for Recent apps
    <*>Added Aosp Email w/ security disabled
    <*>Added Stock Mms screen off option
    <*>added aosp lockscreen time images
    <*>Added BeansRom Section to about phone
    <*>Added root detection killer
    <*>Added Lidroid 23 toggle's
    <*>Added Note2 shutdown animation
    <*>Added choice of 5,6,7 toggles
    <*>Added choice of text on toggles
    <*>Added choice of toggle color
    <*>Added New JellyBeans Bootanim
    <*>Fixed battery being cutoff
    <*>Fixed hidden toggle labels
    <*>Fixed Battery Drain issues
    <*>updated Contacts Theme
    <*>updated Phone Theme
    <*>updated framework theming
    <*>updated Custom Settings app
    <*>updated SuperSu</*>
    <*>updated Kt747 Kernel to 2-07-13
    <*>updated Google Music, nova, apex, teminal
    <*>updated Kies air, Dropbox
    [b]Build 10 - 01-30-2013[/b]
    <*>JellyBean's is now on rom toolbox
    <*>longpress now works with all music apps
    <*>tw mms, aosp mms or inv aosp mms option
    <*>fixed fc on mms with dirty flash
    <*>Fixed Aosp Mms install issue
    <*>Fixed inverted colors in theme
    <*>Fixed Emergency Dialer theme
    <*>Removed call recording til its fixed
    <*>Removed MultiWindow
    <*>Removed Ink effect
    <*>Removed Bravia Engine
    <*>Added Sense 4 Recent apps
    <*>Added samsung calendar option
    <*>Added 8 lockscreen mod
    <*>Added Anti-Aliasing Option
    <*>Added 4.2 cam/gallery Option
    <*>Added new dialer sound
    <*>Added 720p youtube w/screen off option
    <*>Added ktoons kt747 kernel
    <*>Added Bootanim Support to kt747 kernel
    <*>updated imoseyon's lean kernel to 1.8
    <*>updated Touchwiz Launcher theme
    <*>updated Contacts theme
    <*>updated Touchwiz Mms theme
    <*>updated Tw Music Player theme
    <*>updated Task Manager theme
    <*>updated Camera theme
    <*>updated All Apps
    [b]Build 9 - 01-14-2013[/b]
    <*>fixed auto install of dropbox and flash
    <*>removed google ears get from market
    <*>treves tether now installs to data not system
    <*>updated to imoseyon lean kernel 1.6
    <*>added fully working aosp mms
    <*>added multiwindow support
    <*>added Pdroid security support
    <*>removed lock from lockscreen
    <*>added ink effect
    <*>reuploaded with date and time fc fix
    [b]Build 8 - 01-02-2013[/b]
    <*>added new imoseyon lean kernel 1.4
    <*>build prop edits and csc edits
    <*>option for note2 or s3 cam/gallery
    <*>best group photo comes with note2 cam now
    <*>redid aroma setup and organized apps etc
    <*>added option for mobile print and s photo
    <*>added weather, lockscreen options to aosp
    <*>fixed menu button unlock bug aosp lockscreen
    <*>redid install method so it doesnt lock up
    <*>option for ics blue or white toggles
    <*>added lockscreen torch and toggle
    <*>added back samsung cloud stuff
    <*>cb message **** is NO more
    <*>updated kies, es file, nova, and terminal
    <*>finally aosp themed framework-res
    <*>option for call recording
    <*>some theming fixs..
    [b]Build 7 - 12-21-12[/b]
    <*>removed acid, beats, kt747
    <*>removed vzw accesories
    <*>fixed ui sound selection
    <*>updated imoseyon kernel to 1.2.1
    <*>fixed wallpaper changing on note2 gallery
    <*>removed 4.2 gmail as it is now irrelevant
    <*>ad blocking is now an option
    <*>fixed 4.2 keyboard enter issue
    <*>fixed stock email coloring issues
    <*>framework-res and phone.apk themeing fixs
    <*>added option for terminal
    <*>tweaks for moar SPEED
    <*>added treveE's Wifi Tether
    <*>note 2 cam/gallery are now default
    <*>bye bye s3 cam/gallery
    <*>updated ad blocking host file
    <*>updated apps
    [b]Build 6 - 12-10-12[/b]
    <*>updated to VRBLK3 Base
    <*>some framework-res theming
    <*>fixed theming in volume icons
    <*>added kernel options Stock, imoseyon, kt747
    <*>added option for acid audio engine
    <*>added option for awesome beats(acid addon)
    <*>added option for aosp or tw ui sounds
    <*>updated all apps
    <*>added modded popup browser

    Step 1-
    Make sure u are unlocked
    Step 2-
    Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
    Step 3-
    Install the Rom
    Step 4-
    Reboot and Enjoy!

    aosp apps are added for convenience and are not supported.. i will do my best to get them to work as well as possible but for full stability use touchwiz based apps

    Aosp Lockscreen will force close in landscape if you have ripple effect enabled, and also is buggy if you are using the lightflow app

    also as with any custom kernel if u have a 64gb sdcard it needs to be formatted to fat32!(do it this is never going to change, might as well get it done)

    if you would like to request feature's or report bugs i have set up a google document for that just please keep it in the same order it is in

    kernels contained in rom are
    Imoseyon's: https://github.com/imoseyon/leanKernel-d2vzw
    kt747: https://github.com/ktoonsez/KT747-JB

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    didact74- Massive Thanks! for being a modding genious and All of his MODS
    dwitherell - launcher mods i ported from n2, custom intents toggle Prob more Great Guy! throw him some Thanks!
    dwitherell & ottom@n - for thier work killing Syscope
    loserskater- for working aosp mms/longpress to skip tracks for any music app
    sbreen94- for some aroma tweaks and custom settings logic
    Rephyc- for being a beast even though he dissapeared
    sparkerjc and loserskater - for fuly working aosp mms
    Prdog1 - for the new method of longpress to kill apps, and always helping people
    AndyBones - for his call/message block fix and Working Blocking mode
    scrosler- for the base rom and teaching me aroma basics
    Imoseyon, Faux123 & ktoonez- For letting me use thier kernels
    Vertemus and joshbeach- for the amazing aosp themes which i used some pngs from
    Angus MacGyver- for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch
    Invisiblek- For making flahsable modem's, rpm's readily available
    wchill- for the 4x5 launcher setup on jb
    KennyGlass123 - For being an awesome MOD
    tazer2death - for the awesome signature and supporter signature
    Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!

    VRBMF1 Firmware - http://invisiblek.org/sch-i535/firmware/d2vzw_VRBMF1_firmware.zip

    Check Addons Downloader for more :)

    to use right click and hit copy image location then add to your signature

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    Thanks for the new Build 17! I will install it this weekend and see what's different. Appreciate your work and posting over here on DF too.
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    anytime :) now 18 is up
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  5. BeansTown106

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    19 is live :)
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    just a simple question

    This rom looks like freaking awesome,but does it allow to transfert app to sd card yet ?

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