Videos freezing - any way to fix?

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    Howdy guys. Longtime lurker, been checking in when I had an issue or wanted to check out a new ROM. :) Heres my story: any time I try to stream video - whether its 3g or wifi - it usually freezes, often at around the 7 minute mark. Sometimes it works, more often it freezes at some point. It happens on everything I have tried to stream , which is Youtube and Tversity streaming to Vplayer (don't want to reencode my anime rips if I can avoid it since they stream flawlessly as .mkv to my PS3). I'm clueless and couldn't find any help online. My roommate suggested that it could be a cache issue or a limitation of Android or my Droid, but I don't buy that since 1) it just started occuring recently and 2) I just wiped my phone and switched to Sourcery. It started when I was running Bugless... I'm running Sourcery 1.2 and the 1ghz Slayher kernal fwiw. Again I can stream flawlessly to my PS3, but if I could stream to my phone... Really sucks on 3g because I like to watch Starcraft 2 videos when I'm waiting on stuff and it freezes right when most matches start to pick up. :(

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    EDIT: Go figure as soon as I bring it up, a full Starcraft 2 match - about 9 minutes long, proxy hatch ftw :) - played no issues. Now streaming an episode of Paranoia Agent and watching Tversity's status to see if that fixes it. Also changed Tversity to always encode - got a quad core, may as well. Still curious what could be causing this issue though, if it is something with Android. I know other people have issues with video freezing but it happened to me on wifi which is what confused me.

    EDIT2: Well, one episode streamed just fine. Started streaming another episode and it hung up. Tversity status stopped at 20% - I'm not sure if Tversity itself stopped the encode, which would explain part of the issue, or if it was encoding as needed and when the phone didn't ask for more it quit encoding. I hate video encoding at the moment. D:

    EDIT3: Okay, it's the phone. It just froze the video again, and as soon as I checked Tversity, there's a timestamp that says streaming finished. :/ Gonna try watching through the /flashlib instead of /lib on Tversity, but that's a workaround, not a fix obviously, I'd prefer a fix.

    EDIT4: /flashlib didn't work. Still froze, so I promptly uninstalled Flash and I guess I'm waiting for a definite answer about a fix, if there is one...
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