Verizon hard silicon case is good after a little modification.

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    I bought the hard silicon case and was disappointed because it wraps too far around the front and makes it difficult to get it on or off. With my Droid x that style case had much less of a wrap and was super easy to get on and off. Since I have an extra battery for my Bionic this was a pain. Also the case fits fine in the home dock but the button doesn't work well in the car dock so taking it off and on is a better solution as long as it isn't a pain. Anyway I carefully used a razor blade and trimmed the extra wrap around part off and it is sooooooo much better. You have to look close to see that I did it. And the best part is that with the way it came it tried to grab the back cover as you were taking it off and made it even harder to get off. Not a problem now. I was hesitant to trim it and had just been carrying it without and hoping for another case, but I really like this material so I thought I would chance it and it worked out. You will definitely need something super sharp like a razor blade if you try it. That material is touch. Thought I would share.
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