Verizon Galaxy S4 HyperDrive Rom Updated With New Features!

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    If you are one of the lucky few whose Galaxy S4 has some how managed to remain LOKI unlocked you are still able to run whichever rom you would like. However for the overwhelming majority of you who decided to update and lost the LOKI hack, SafeStrap and Touchwiz roms will be what you will have to stick with. If you are going to have to run a TouchWiz based rom then you might as well run HyperDrive. Not only is it one of the most stable roms you could run on the Verizon Galaxy S4 it is also one of the most feature rich!

    Today developer "Sbreen94" released an update for this rom that brings plenty of new performance enhancements as well as some new features. Some new features included in Release 17 are 4 way multiwindow, new status bar lock button code, set any color for lock button in status bar, CPU speed in notification panel, CPU governor in notification panel, set any color for CPU speed and Governor in notification panel, updated hyperdrive tweaks layout, fixed header layout in tweaks, fixed advanced clock mod in tweaks, updated content in hyperdrive hub, added option for LG G3 keyboard in aroma installer, added keyboard from Android L Material to aroma installer, Galaxy S5 Bootanimation option in aroma, added 5 new Hyperdrive bootanimations in aroma installer, updated aroma text and layouts, improved performance and more!
    Head to the link below to try this new update up.

    Via XDA
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