Verizon & AT&T Combined Received One Government Data Request Per Minute Last Year

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    If you were curious just how prevalent the U.S. Government spying on the American people was last year, this new report issued by Verizon and AT&T might disturb you as it answers that question. As it turns out, AT&T reported 301,816 requests from state, local and federal authorities, while Verizon reported 321,545 requests. Combined, these total up to one governmental data request every minute for the year of 2013.

    Of course, these figures are only from AT&T and Verizon. They don't take into account any of the other carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile (who have not released a formal report detailing these numbers yet). If you were to throw them into the mix, it could easily jump up to twice that amount. These numbers bring on a whole new meaning to Verizon's old tag-line, "Can you hear me now?"

    Source: Engadget