using "Talk" from home screen question

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    click on Talk --> Friends list: 1st see your photo (if have added) - status message box - then status circle. used to be when tap the photo, a little bar would appear with several icons, 1 of which was an icon where u could tap & be taken to your gallery to select another photo. NOW, when i tap photo, taken DIRECTLY to my gallery, no popup bar with icons??? any1 else experience this change? also, on the friends listed below, when tap the android icon to the left of the friends box, that bar with icons, i referred to above, does pop up!!! so, i'm trying to figure out why this has changed. as an aside, & oddly, the icon bar that pops up when click on the android icon, does NOT have the option of 'add photo'??? for clarification, the bar has the following icons: phone - their contact info - text - email - talk.

    appreciate clarificatio, "IF" any1 here knows