[Updated] The Space Themed MMORPG: Vendetta Online Needs You for Beta Testing!

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    The folks over at DroidGamers got an exclusive preview of a new Android Port of a 3D space-themed MMORPG for the Android, called Vendetta Online, by Guild Software. Originally, this game was just for the PC, but the sharp developers at Guild Software decided to create a port for the Android OS.

    The developers indicated that it will probably need a Tegra 2 or other dual-core chip to run properly, but they also shared that it might be possible to run it on other Android hardware. A beta release is currently planed for this month if all goes well.

    The game is somewhat similar to EVE Online, although not nearly as economy-centered. It's basically a space-ship themed simulator with combat and upgradeable space-vessels. It's even being designed to be cross-platform compatible with the PC version, so you can battle it out with your friends from the coffee shop while they are at home on their PC's. Above is a video at CES of the game-play in action. Looks like another addictive habit to chew through my Android's battery life... :icon_rolleyes:

    Source: DroidGamers and Vendetta Online
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    Having played VO for a few months, and having looked at EVE pretty closely, I can pretty conclusively say they're not all that similar...

    Also, VO has been around for... years... I remember getting frustrated with the tech workers at my university my freshman year because the lag was too bad to really play the game.

    EVE is... economy-driven... just sayin'.
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