Up Time vs. Awake Time

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    Totally new here, I've tried a search and there were way too many threads that popped up. Just couldn't find the answer I was looking for.

    I've read through many threads, tried a bunch of batter saving tips, disabled "Always on data", bump charging and some other stuff.

    Last night I unplugged my phone around 8 pm. Minimal use until this morning. The battery actually lasted over night. I'm amazed

    I look at the battery stats and it reads like this:

    Up Time: 13:33
    Awake Time: 11:36

    These stats I don't really understand. Up time if the time left off the charger right? And awake time is the phone actually using process and being active?

    How can this be if most the time I was sleeping? I looked at the Display listing and it said 2h 26m. This would be the time that I was actually using the phone correct?

    Could there be some app that is keeping the phone busy while I'm not using it?

    Also what app can I use to find out if a certain app is keeping the phone busy and utilizing a lot of resources?

    I need serious help here.
    Sorry if it's been stated a million times before.
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