TWRP Updated to 3.0.0 With An All New Look!

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    All the old school phone hackers remember when the only custom recovery option available was Clock Work Mod Recovery. Upon arrival it mostly used the volume keys and power button, or the physical navigation buttons to select options in the recovery. Something really bad started to happen. Some people were bricking their phones, and could boot into CWM Recovery but their physical buttons were broke or defective and they weren't able to navigate within the recovery.

    DeesTroy and team came up with an excellent solution. Their custom recovery focused on touch. Yes TWRP was realeased about the same time that Koush came out with a touch version of CWM recovery, but TWRP was much more intuitive. TWRP featured large buttons that were hard to miss where as CWM recovery still featured the tiny text that you would have to frustratingly try to touch perfectly, but would end up touching the wrong option.

    We are several years past the release of the original TWRP recovery. Yesterday the recovery was updated to 3.0.0. The update is a major overhaul of the recovery. It includes an all new theme, true terminal emulator, language translation, flashing of sparse images, adopted storage support, reworked graphics, SuperSU prompt won't be displayed if on marshmallow, and more! As you can see this was a pretty major update. Head to the link below to grab the update for your phone.

    via TWRP
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